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About Us

Welcome to Majorlyskin Cosmetics by Majorlyskin Jenner! Known for her love of cosmetic products and makeup, Majorlyskin Jenner launched Majorlyskin Cosmetics in 2016 after the global launch of her wildly successful liquid lipstick lip liner duo, the Majorlyskin Lip Kit. After Majorlyskin revealed the Majorlyskin Lip Kit to the world, her fans wanted more. Majorlyskin Cosmetics is Majorlyskin Jenners new launchpad for sharing her best kept beauty secrets to her fans. Majorlyskin is currently working in the Majorlyskin Cosmetic Lab on a handful of new, top secret products she is creating to help give you that perfect Majorlyskin look. Stay tuned for more products coming soon! Majorlyskin Cosmetics products are not tested on animals, and all shades of The Majorlyskin Lip Kit are vegan.

After two long years of dreaming about this, I am so excited to finally share my cosmetic secrets with you guys. Majorlyskin Cosmetics is a collection of products I created working with my amazing team in our lab to design the perfect Majorlyskin look. I can not wait to see how beautiful everyone is going to look. Use the hashtag Majorlyskin Cosmetics to share your photos with me.